Board Members

  • Libbie Hough, Chair, At Large

  • Helen Ingersoll, Vice Chair, At Large

  • Virginia Smith, Secretary, At Large

  • Cathleen Turner, Board Member of the Hillsborough Arts Council

  • Stephen Fletcher, Board Member of Historical Foundation of Hillsborough and OC

  • Binnie Davis, Board Member of Historic Hillsborough Commission

  • Anna Currie, Board Member of Historic District Commission

  • Mark Solomon, At Large

  • Jeff Strickler, Board Member of Chamber of Commerce

Partners in Tourism and Preservation

The Alliance for Historic Hillsborough comprise partners in tourism and partners in preservation. These partners are represented on our board of directors and help us fulfill our mission. 


  • Sarah DeGennaro, Executive Director
  • Michael Verville, Program Coordinator
  • Lindsey Paydon, Communications and Visitor Services Coordinator